I am an author/creative artist and entrepreneur. God has blessed me with many wonderful gifts that I love to share for the purpose of inspiring others to pursue life and work hard until they realize their dreams. My talents range from writing to acting to doll-making, so I am able to assist you with your project, creative and/or non-creative, in a variety of ways -- if you can imagine it, I can help bring it to life. I invite you to explore the rest of my site to find out more about me and genuinely welcome any feedback. Until we speak or meet, I wish you great health, unbridled happiness, and an abundance of success!!!

My earliest entrepreneurial influence/ role model was my father, Mr. David McCloud. As the owner of Mac's Salvage, a small salvage yard, it is from him that I derived my commitment to excellence and tireless work ethic; indeed, he was one of the most industrious people to walk the earth. Every day, with the exception of Sundays, he would leave home at around 6:30 a.m. and not return until almost ten or twelve hours later. Regardless of whether he was sick or the weather inclement, he went to work, the staples of his wardrobe a pair of overalls and heavily worn work boots. While he didn't earn a lot of money, it was enough to ensure his family always had shelter, clothing, and food. In 1995, my father died of a heart attack...while at work. So, it is through my own entrepreneurial pursuits that I honor his legacy as a PROUD small business owner of over 30 years.